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This is about acquisition of skills!

In a large number of (often European funded) projects, qualitative content on our four skills have been developed. So useful and qualitative that it would be a pity to invent and rewrite them all over. The Triple E-dge partnership made a careful selection of this content (sometimes we did work on their development ourselves) and provides a clear introduction of why one should read this! As a reader you are kindly invited to also rate the usefulness of it, so we can publish an even better selection based on your feedback.


Employability skills guide

The table has been compiled by a range of UK based companies and it lists the top ten skills they are looking for in potential employees. This guide shows you how to apply skills in a wider context along with young peoples evidence of using them in a classroom setting and extra curricular.


Work of Art

A detailed visual guide to support academic staff’s understanding and relevance of Enterprise & Employability in Art & Design Higher Education, with case studies and recommendations on how to implement the research findings.


STEPS project

Detailed results from a European project with findings from partner institutions focusing on the demand for, importance of and skills gaps in soft skills within employment and education.


Top 10 skills in the workplace

Executive Perceptions of
the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed
in Today’s Workplace

This is a report on a US based study which identified the top 10 soft skills as perceived by
business executives: integrity, communication, courtesy, responsibility, social skills,
positive attitude, professionalism, flexibility, teamwork, and work ethic. It touches on their importance and (im)practicalities for educators.


Importance of soft skills

This paper focuses on the importance of soft skills in students’ lives both within their studies and in wider life. It discusses how soft skills complement hard skills (technical), and the important role that educators play in influencing the development of students’ soft skills. It gives recommendations on embedding soft skills within wider curriculum as an effective development tool.



The Small Business Game

Through a Flash-based online game environment, students learn how to run a sports retail store based on retailing football club merchandise. This has s focus on wider business skills and not essential soft skills.


Leadership development programs


An article exploring the successes and pitfalls of leadership development programs within commercial organisations.


Problem solving

3 star learning experiences

A blog which discusses and provides links to resources which focus on workplace skills and introduces the concept of ‘complex skills’, a necessary hierarchy of skills and the need for integrations to enable personal development.


Playing chess and student skills

An article exploring the correlation between playing chess and developing students skills. It looks at the difference between skills and trait, and how chess can have a positive impact on wider learning.


Impact of serious games

“A systematic literature review of empirical evidence on computer games and
serious games”

“This paper examines the literature on computer games and serious games in regard to the potential
positive impacts of gaming. The findings revealed that playing computer games can be linked to a range of perceptual, cognitive, behavioural, affective
and motivational impacts and outcomes.”


10 skills you need to thrive

Skills of the Future 10 skills You’ll need to thrive

Infographic highlighting a broad overview of 10 keys skills you’ll need to thrive in 2020 and an insight into new global industries for the future.



Audit your employability skills

A reflective tool to assess your employability skills and how to improve them throughout your studies. It lists a range of soft and generic technical skills and provides a template for an action plan to be developed.


Enterprise call

Erasmus+ project handbook aiming to boost entrepreneurial skills (intrapreneurship) in the workplace. Gives practical, interactive tools and techniques for developing the broad range of soft skills at all levels.


Gamification as a teaching tool

An interview on research to practice of games, not specifically focused on soft skills but offers an insight to gamification as a teaching tool.


Test your selfie

YouTube testimonial by University of Leuven showcasing the results of research which explores the different dimensions of soft skills, and their importance for young people entering the job market.


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