Explanations from entrepreneurs

It’s all about awareness!

Entrepreneurs created a series of videos commenting on the relevance and importance of communication, flexibility, problem solving and leadership in work and life. The videos are stand-alone, and as such useful for social media, digital information screens in schools and companies, as well as in class room contexts. The four videos make a perfect introduction for our selection of four skills and the other project products of Triple E-dge.


Communicating well: how to use this social skill in the best possible way? From verbal to non-verbal communication. Check the video on communication here:



Flexibility as a key competence in a changing world: Adapting to every day’s changing circumstances. How flexible are you? Check the video on flexibility here:



Speed, transparency, creativity and empathy. Key ingredients that make you a winning leader.. Check the video on leadership here:


Problem solving

Problems, challenges, and questions are always present in life. How strong are you in problem-solving? How to tackle a problem in an efficient, effective, structured and systematic way. Check the video on problem-solving.